Le Téléphone de Campagne US EE-8-B.

Voici différentes vues de ce téléphone de campagne EE-8-B (existe en version A bien sur) avec sa sacoche en cuir (jusqu'en 1942 ). La version toile est dite version "économique". C'est à partir de 1942 que l'on trouvera la version toile..

Image tirée du manuel d'origine du EE-8-B:

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" EE-8-B Field Telephone/Telegraph The EE-8-B has a handset TS-13-E with transmitter 141914 W. E. Co. 6/42 and a Receiver D-141915 WECO 7 10 42. The biggest thing that can go wrong is corrosion. Next would be the handset cord. That can be easily fixed if you're not trying to make it appear original. The rest of the insides is pretty tough. I'd be real surprised if you can't get them to work. One little feature which some people don't know is when you turn the crank only the other phone rings. Yours doesn't ring. The handset has a butterfly switch which you must press in order to talk. While you have this switch operated the battery is being used. Otherwise, the batteries have no drain. There is one more switch, it is labeled CB or LB. This switch changes the mode from Common battery to local battery. In CB mode, the hanger for the handset is the circuit. You could connect the phone as an external to your household phone line and receive only. "

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